UE4 Mini Game and Level Design


  • System/Level Design
  • UE4/ Blueprints
  • Goal: Design a linear based level with a puzzle sequence at the end
    • Start with simple linear layout to teach primary mechanics
    • Last room is a puzzle that we can teach the player without text prompts
    • Difficulty scales as the player progresses through the puzzle


This is a small linear level with a mini game in the final room. The game is a cat and mouse style enemy avoidance situation in which the player must put themselves in danger in order to see the code required to shut down the servers.

These server objectives consist of multiple objects from top to bottom that must be activated in a specific order to succeed. This order can be found on the body of the enemies. In order to get a good look at the code sequence, the player needs to attract the enemies by activating the server objective.

The purpose of the puzzle lies in the physical execution rather than unraveling what action is needed next. In order to ensure the player knows what to do, the enemies are not “activated” until the player successfully solves the first server objective. All the elements needed to complete a loop of the game can be seen in one view, the enemy, which shows the boot sequence, and the server objective, which the player needs to activate using a button press.



Server Game Documents


Paper Map

AYBS UE4 Paper Map