Starship Mercenary

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  • Published Google Play game
  • System design focused
    • Enemy difficulty scaling
    • Item stat scaling
    • Item shop/upgrade system
    • Freemium monetization
      • Ad rewards
      • IAP
      • Hard and soft currency
      • Premium offers
    • Achievements
    • Leader boards



Starship Mercenary is a first person spaceship dog fighting game inspired by the 90’s Tiefighter and X-Wing PC games. Flight is automated as well as a lock on system to accommodate the casual nature of the mobile platform. There is a upgrade system with randomized tiered loot that appears in the shop. The ship is refreshed every hour, each time a mission is beaten, or can be re-rolled by the player with soft currency.

This is a project I started in my last semester at AAU before graduating and decided to complete as a finished product. In addition to doing all the designing and coding, I also created the art and audio.

Starship Mercenary is designed from the ground up to be a freemium game. There is an emphasis on consumables and gachapon loot mechanics as well as in app purchases and ad rewards.

System design is the main focus. Enemies were carefully made to ease the player into the game so they can learn the mechanics without feeling punished, then scaling up in difficulty at a curve that warrants upgrading to be necessary to beat the level.

The gameplay at it’s core is simon says with added resource management. Flying is automated, so the challenge lies in pressing the correct buttons at the right time based on information given on the screen while also judging what moments would be best to act on according to your resources available.

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