Last Fate

Role: Programmer and System Design. Made in Unity. Uses Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. 2 semester development cycle. Puzzle game … More

Starship Mercenary (Published)

Published full game on Google Play store. Utilizes freemium monetization model. Extensive system design work including: Balancing enemy difficulty Ship … More

Light Explorer

Teleportation mechanic. Light reveals surroundings. Boss fight requires teleportation to defeat. Boss Award recognition at AAU. UE4 Blueprint scripting.   … More

Dishonored Map

Mock-up Dishonored level. Uses teleporting and melee attacks. Multi-objective map. UE4 Blueprint scripting.

Avoid Your Boss Simulator

Prototype made for Rapid Prototype game design class. Made in 2 days. Stealth/Puzzle genre. Game Goal: Complete objectives around the … More

Farmer Frenzy

Unity C# Group project. SCRUM development cycle.

Avoid Your Boss Simulator – VR prototype

Summary VR focused System/Level Design VR counterpart to flat screen prototype Stealth/Puzzle genre Goal: Identify and design around a VR … More