Light Explorer – UE4


  • Level Design using 1 core mechanic
  • Teleport to fired projectile as main mechanic
  • UE4
  • Blueprint
  • Boss fight
  • Cut scenes


Light Explorer is a puzzle game that relies on light emitted from the player’s projectile in order to navigate the level. The player can teleport to the projectile at any time.

Check points turn on other lights so that the player has some direction and the the white pillars breaking symbolize where to go next, and where the player has been. As the player approaches the white pillars, the pillars break revealing the red light inside them. This way, a player will know where they have been by recognizing the red from broken pillars. Intact pillars will signify the player has not yet reached that area yet.

The boss fight is a series of vertical moving platforms that move in and away from the boss in the middle. The player must destroy all the yellow spikes on the pillar to win.