Last Fate


  • Role: Programmer and System Design.
  • Made in Unity.
  • Uses Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.
  • 2 semester development cycle.
  • Puzzle game using hand gestures to summon specific spells in VR.



Last Fate was a group project that began in a class designed to explore new tech in games. We decided to use the Oculus Rift DK1 and Leap Motion to create a VR puzzle game.

The goal was to create a tactile and immersive experience. The combination of VR and Leap Motion to enable the use of your actual hands gave the game a more tactile feel and an extra sense of immersion.

While on this project, I helped design and code the core mechanics, including the spell system using Leap Motion, player controls using Oculus Rift, and other game play elements.

See my blog post to read more about my experience on the Last Fate project.