Avoid Your Boss Simulator


  • System/Level Design
  • Rapid prototype project completed in 2 days
  • Stealth/Puzzle genre
  • Goal: Design a game using time as a core mechanic
    • Navigate the level and accomplish tasks while avoiding the boss
    • Being caught by the boss results in game over
    • Finish all the tasks within the time limit to win
  • Unity
  • C#



This is a prototype for a Rapid Prototype class from AAU. The goal was to create a game using time as the main mechanic. In this prototype, time is used as a lose condition. The player must complete all the tasks within the time limit while also trying to not get caught by the Boss NPC.

The design for this game is primarily to create and build tension for the entire duration of the level, with each checkpoint elevating the risk. The contrast between the high tension, the relaxed atmosphere and the humorous aesthetic (NPCs are stylized capsules) creates a challenging yet inviting experience.

Tasks include different mini games like making copies while the copy machine keeps breaking, distributing memos to various cubicles and repairing broken computers.

Each task is designed to be its own mini game that takes concentration away from the Boss NPC and the timer. The player must overcome these focus consuming tasks while keeping track of time and where the Boss is in order to succeed.




Design Documents